Asia MENA ADR Cooperative Group

AMACG is the largest working group in Asia and MENA (known as the ‘Region’) introduced by TCC ADR Center in Pakistan for strengthening regional ties and undertaking a shared approach towards enhancing the practice of dispute resolution. We aim to promote the Region as a premiere and advanced region for dispute resolution by weaving a tapestry of interconnectedness and fostering the spirit of cooperative alliance throughout region.

Join hands to become a part of developing Asia and MENA as an emerging region for excellence in resolution of disputes.

AMACG orchestrates a harmonious symphony among diverse ADR Centers geographically present in the Region to embark on a journey and achieve the following broader aims:


AMACG places the interests of its Member Organizations as the cornerstone for its operations. AMACG offers the following plethora of objectives to its Member Organizations:

Resource sharing allows various ADR Centers to not only optimize their operations but also achieve economies of scale and avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts. Through this shared endeavor, Member Organizations encourage an environment of constant organizational development and bolstering the global network of ADR Centers in Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East throughout the globe.
Exchange of pro-bono tribunal secretaries, counsel and practitioners leads to the perpetual advancement of a practitioner’s skills, maintaining their agility for adapting to adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of dispute resolution. Such an exchange also facilitates capacity building through transferring specialized knowledge and skills throughout the Region: practitioners ultimately may become the best versions of themselves through the versatile skills and knowledge vested in them through the exchange.
AMACG expands and diversifies the collective reach of its Member Organizations and facilitates a referral system of cross-border business opportunities throughout the region. A united marketing front offered by AMACG furthers services offered by the Member Organizations on a united front and taps onto emerging markets for clients.
AMACG promotes the conduct of periodical webinars through which Member Organizations can develop a strong network and a robust presence and to attract potential clients, partners, and stakeholders for future collaborations. Webinars are an excellent method of imparting knowledge while increasing face value permeating through different jurisdictions: join us in the AMACG to fully reap benefits of being a Member Organization of this revolutionary group.



Collective growth of Asia and MENA as an epi-centre for dispute resolution.


Fostering the spirit of collaboration throughout the Region to maximize shared interests.


Globalized platform for Member Organizations to further their collective interests.


As an esteemed Member Organization, each Organizations by virtue of its membership to the AMACG is welcomed to Pakistan International Disputes Weekend (PIDW): a premiere annual series of legal convention hosted in South Asia, Pakistan, with the overarching objective of ‘reviewing, reflecting and reviving’ the global dispute resolution terrain.

At PIDW, Member Organizations convene annually to renew their vows for continued commitment constantly evolving their practice under a shared spirit of cooperation.


04th - 05th May 2024


  • Enhanced networking
  • Wider international audience
  • Plethora of business opportunities
  • All at the convenience of your home country

As we further our legacy, we bring forth PIDW’24: envisioned to return bigger and better!

In May 2024, the city of lights, Karachi sets the stage to host PIDW’24 as a beacon of excellence in illuminating the path for adopting better practices, engaging in continuous refinement of the dispute resolution profession and developing quality connections for exploring business opportunities.

Join us at PIDW and become a part of the official Asia MENA ADR Cooperative Group: interconnecting regions far and near for Asia and MENA on a singular platform to further collective interests.

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