Embedded within the suite of offerings provided by TCC ADR Centre, the provision of conciliation services stands as a bridge to amicable resolutions in the realm of conflicts. Guided by experienced neutrals, this service embodies the essence of collaboration and open communication. As users step into the digital realm of the TCC ADR Centre’s platform, they enter a space where skilled conciliators facilitate dialogues, encouraging parties to voice their concerns, aspirations, and viewpoints. Through active listening and adept mediation techniques, conciliators identify common ground, deftly navigating the intricate web of emotions and interests that often underlie disputes. The goal is not only to find practical solutions but also to rebuild fractured relationships, preserving vital connections within families, businesses, and communities. The conciliation service offered by us becomes a catalyst for fostering understanding, empathy, and ultimately, sustainable resolutions that reflect the principles of compromise and harmony.

  • Commencement of Conciliation Proceedings: One party must send a written invitation to the other party. The conciliation proceedings can only proceed if the other party accepts the invitation. If no response is received, it will be deemed non-acceptance.
  • Appointment of Conciliators: Once the parties have agreed to engage in conciliation proceedings, appointing a conciliator is next. If the parties agree, they can appoint a single conciliator. If the parties opt for two conciliators, each party will appoint one. In the case of three conciliators, each party will appoint one conciliator, and the parties together can agree upon a third conciliator who will act as the presiding conciliator.
  • Submission of Written Statements to the Conciliator: The conciliator may request both parties to provide written statements detailing the relevant facts pertaining to the case. Both parties must submit their written statements to the conciliator. Additionally, the parties are required to exchange their written statements with each other.
  • Conduct of the Conciliation Proceedings: The conciliator has the discretion to communicate with the parties through written or oral means. They can choose to meet with the parties collectively or separately. The conduct of the proceedings will be tailored to suit the case’s specific circumstances.
  • Administrative Assistance: The parties or the conciliator may seek assistance from an institution or individual if necessary. However, the consent of the parties is required to engage in such administrative assistance.
  • Termination of Conciliation Proceedings – There are four ways in which conciliation proceedings can be terminated: Termination by Signing of Settlement Agreement, Termination by Conciliator’s Declaration, Termination by Written Declaration of Parties and Termination by Party’s Written Declaration to Other Party and Conciliator.

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TCC Model Conciliation Clause:

In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with the present agreement, the parties shall, in the first instance, refer the dispute to conciliation under the TCC ADR Centre Conciliation Rules. Such reference shall be by way of a notice in writing, and will be a notice for the purpose of commencement of conciliation.

The commencement or pendency of conciliation under the TCC ADR Centre Conciliation Rules will not prevent any party from seeking interim relief or reliefs for the purpose of preserving their rights.

If the dispute has not been settled through conciliation under the TCC ADR Centre Conciliation Rules within __________ days following the commencement of conciliation or within such other period as the parties may agree in writing, such dispute shall thereafter be finally resolved through _________.

Payment of fees and costs could be made by bank transfer at the following details:

Account TCC ADR Centre
Bank Bank Al-Falah Limited, DHA Phase V Branch, Lahore, Pakistan
Account number 09601008103213
IBAN PK96ALFH0960001008103213
Currency PKR


It is important to include the name of the payer and, if applicable, the case reference to the payment for its prompt and accurate crediting. A copy of the proof of payment should be provided, so that the respective transfer is located in the TCC’s accounts.

All payments must be free of any charges that may occur at the sending and/or receiving bank. TCC shall bear no responsibility with regards to any currency conversions that might be applied by the sending and/or the receiving bank or to any currency fluctuations, which might overall affect the payment of fees and costs.

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We agree that we will abide by and perform any award rendered hereunder and that a judgment may be entered on the award

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