Globally Accredited Mediation Training of 50 Legal Practitioners and Judges held by TCC ADR Centre


ISLAMABAD - PAKISTAN: TCC ADR Centre achieved its first milestone on 30th September 2022 by successfully completing the Ciarb Accredited Mediation Training Course for its first batch. The Mediation Training Course was a collaboration between Ciarb Pakistan Branch and the Legal Aid Society (LAS), sponsored by the Islamabad High Court.

The course provided lawyers registered with the Islamabad High Court with the rare opportunity to apply to become Accredited Mediators and members of the Ciarb through in-person training with international experts. It comprised 6 full days of skills-based learning delivered by experienced practicing mediators and Approved Faculty Members to a group of 50 lawyers who applied for the opportunity through the Islamabad High Court and LAS.

Mediation is an effective method of solving complex commercial disputes. The process engages skills that can have a positive impact on personal relationships. It is, therefore, suitable for individuals seeking to improve their communication skills, Arbitrators/Adjudicators looking to broaden their ADR practice, Conflict resolution professionals, and aspiring mediators.

This particular course combined elements of instructor-based learning through lectures, cooperative learning through mock-mediation scenarios, and test-based course completion through the final online assessments, utilizing online and group learning.

The training was delivered in the Federal Judicial Academy in Islamabad by Ciarb's approved faculty members and mediation experts Barrister Mian Sheraz Javaid, Nasir Khan MBE, Wasif Majeedm, Anish Wadia, Leonora Riesenberg, Professor Ike Ehiribe, Samuel Nderitu, Rengarajoo Balasamy, Hammad Gillani, Nausheen Ahmed, Navin Salim Merchant, Dr. Tariq Mehmoood and Noor Siddiqi. They provided the keen participants with 40 hours of training on the mediation process, legal background, and practical knowledge. 

The candidates were asked to go through extensive case studies, a mediation Handbook, and a video of a mock mediation to assist them with their studies. The teaching programme was designed to help the candidates independently learn to manage a mediation from initial instruction to conclusion and development of:

  • The core skills;
  • Preparing stage – setting it up;
  • Opening stage – parties telling their stories
  • Exploring stage – establishing parties’ needs and drivers
  • Negotiating stage
  • Concluding stage;
  • Setting up a mediation practice

The first 5 days were training and practice days that combined discussion, skills exercises, and immersive scenario-based mediation role-play exercises to help learn and gain practical experience of the skills and techniques, with the last day being the Assessment day.

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates were eligible to apply for Member grade of Ciarb, and take advantage of a range of educational and professional benefits such as becoming Ciarb Accredited Mediators. Ciarb and LAS have agreed to train the second batch of lawyers, the date for which is yet to be announced.

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