Mian Sheraz Javaid briefs the Islamabad Bar Council regarding workings of ADR Centers in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD - PAKISTAN: In a concerted effort to bridge the gap between the legal community and the world of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Mian Sheraz Javaid, Chair of TCC ADR Centre was invited by Advocate Adil Aziz Qazi (Member, Islamabad Bar Council) to conduct an extensive briefing session. The session, held at the Islamabad Bar Council's headquarters, was not just a presentation but a dialogue, an exchange of ideas, and a shared commitment to advancing the practice of arbitration and mediation in Pakistan.

Mian Sheraz Javaid opened the session with a detailed overview of TCC's global mission and its role in Pakistan. He emphasized the importance of collaboration, stating, "The legal community is not just a stakeholder but a partner in our mission. Together, we can shape the future of ADR in Pakistan." He further elaborated on TCC's commitment to upholding international standards, promoting awareness, and fostering growth in the field of ADR. "TCC is not just an ADR Centre; it's a movement, a global effort to make dispute resolution more accessible, efficient, and credible," he said.

Subsequently, the Chair provided a brief ADR training to members of the Islamabad Bar Council regarding the globally emerging importance and popularity of alternative methods of dispute resolution and the time of need for Pakistan to refurbish its ADR and particularly Arbitration laws. TCC also extended their support of providing services to aid learning. The visit was a welcome step in connecting the Pakistani legal fraternity with international resources for the possibility of future collaboration in the furtherance and development of alternatives to the judicial process in Pakistan.

The briefing went beyond mere introductions, delving into the current challenges and opportunities in the field of ADR in Pakistan. Mian Sheraz highlighted three key areas:

  • Legislative Reforms: He stressed the need for aligning Pakistan's arbitration laws with international conventions, saying, "Our legal framework must evolve. We must modernize our laws, align them with global standards, and create a legal environment that supports arbitration."
  • Capacity Building and Training: Sheraz spoke passionately about the need for training and accreditation, stating, "Capacity building is not just about training; it's about building a community of skilled arbitrators, mentors, and leaders who can guide the next generation."
  • Public Awareness and Outreach: He emphasized the importance of raising public awareness, saying, "Awareness is empowerment. We must reach out, educate, and empower our community to embrace ADR."

Members of the Islamabad Bar Council engaged in a lively discussion, asking questions, sharing experiences, and expressing support for ADR. They acknowledged the importance of collaboration and expressed a willingness to work with TCC to strengthen arbitration in Pakistan. One senior advocate commented, "This briefing is an eye-opener. We must work together to make arbitration a viable option for dispute resolution in Pakistan."

The session concluded with a shared commitment to collaboration, dialogue, and action. Both parties expressed a strong desire to work together, with Mian Sheraz stating, "Today's briefing is just the beginning. We have a long journey ahead, and we must walk together."

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