TCC ADR Centre explores collaborative ADR initiatives with Shanghai Arbitration Commission's Head, Yiwen (Wenny) Huang, in a meeting held in Shanghai, China


SHANGHAI - CHINA: Mian Sheraz Javaid, Chair TCC ADR Centre, recently had an insightful meeting with Yiwen (Wenny) Huang, FCIArb, Head of International Partnership & Arbitration Development at the Shanghai Arbitration Commission (SHAC). The meeting, held in Shanghai, China, aimed to explore avenues for collaboration in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The Shanghai Arbitration Commission is a pivotal institution in the realm of international arbitration. Established as one of the pilot institutions in China, SHAC has been committed to effective dispute resolution for years. Its long-standing work has not only set benchmarks for arbitration practices within China but has also influenced the global arbitration landscape. The commission's expertise in handling complex international disputes makes it an indispensable entity in the field, thereby attracting attention and partnerships from legal experts and institutions worldwide.

During the meeting, both parties discussed China's pivotal role as a pioneer in Asia for indulging in best practices in the field of arbitration. They also explored future projections to weave a collaboration for achieving shared purposes. The discussion underscored China's commitment to elevating the standards of arbitration and dispute resolution, not just within its borders but across the Asian continent.

Mian Sheraz Javaid commended SHAC's work and commitment towards the legal domain and thanked them for their profound hospitality. He emphasized that Pakistan could learn significantly from China's advancements in arbitration. Adopting similar practices could enhance Pakistan's legal framework and increase access to justice, thereby fostering a more equitable social structure.

Both parties agreed that in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving legal world, collaborations and working together are a cornerstone for progress. They expressed enthusiasm for forming such ties in the future, recognizing that collective efforts often yield more significant results than isolated endeavors.

Mian Sheraz Javaid looked forward to hosting Wenny Huang in Pakistan and extending the same hospitality he was receiving in Shanghai. The meeting was arranged by Nicholas Lum, who played a crucial role in connecting these two influential figures in the field of arbitration.

The meeting between Mian Sheraz Javaid and Yiwen (Wenny) Huang was a testament to the potential synergies that await on the horizon. As both countries contemplate embarking on this promising journey of cooperation and shared success, the dedication of both to advancing ADR is commendable. Their expertise will undoubtedly continue to drive positive change within their respective countries.

Mian Sheraz Javaid's efforts in communication and collaboration are particularly beneficial for Pakistan and its legal system. By seeking to unite and learn for the advancement of global best practices, he is setting a precedent for how international cooperation can lead to the betterment of legal frameworks and access to justice in Pakistan.

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