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A method of resolving disputes privately, where parties mutually agree to have their case heard by a neutral third party outside of the court system. The arbitrator's decision, is typically binding on both parties.


A facilitated negotiation process where a neutral mediator assists parties in resolving their disputes collaboratively and confidentially. It promotes open dialogue and empowers participants to reach mutually acceptable agreements.

Expert Determination

Parties to a dispute present arguments and evidence to a dispute resolution practitioner, who is chosen on the basis of their specialist qualification or experience in the subject matter of the dispute and who makes a determination.


A collaborative ADR approach where a skilled neutral intermediary guides parties towards mutually agreeable solutions, fostering resolution through effective communication.

Neutral Evaluation

An impartial evaluator assesses the dispute's issues, strengths, and weaknesses, and provides their insights through an advisory approach.

Dispute Boards

Impartial panels of experts appointed to provide real-time resolution to disagreements during a project, helping parties avoid lengthy disputes and costly delays.


Adjudication is a structured process in which a neutral third party, often an expert or judge, evaluates evidence, arguments, and legal principles to make a formal and binding decision on a dispute.

Research Services

Services like providing users with curated legal insights, precedent analyses, and scholarly resources, empowering them to build well-informed arguments and strategies for effective conflict resolution.

Pro-Bono Services

Offering dispute resolution assistance free of charge, demonstrating a commitment to providing accessible and equitable conflict resolution options for those facing financial constraints.

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